Because you want to have a plan, just in case

We learned it the hard way. Losing a family member can carry all sorts of unforeseen logistical burdens — on top of the emotional turmoil.

The emotional impact is hard enough

Maybe important personal details are left scattered. Or vital documents are locked behind mountains of red tape. Or, perhaps, funeral wishes are unspecified, resulting in a disappointing ceremony. Unfortunately, these are issues that many families encounter when the time comes. So we created a solution that gives you a head start. Our guiding principle? Caring for your loved ones’ futures while respecting your own.

The bottom line is that you’re in control. This is your platform — to carry your legacy, to protect your assets and to ensure your lasting memory.

"It was great that we had access to all the information my dad prepared.

He even left a video message for his grandchildren!"

Life After Me makes things easy

and that really gives a peace of mind.

Maartje, Amersfoort

Our platform offers a solution.

In our easy to navigate environment it is possible for you to upload all your (digital) data and make it accessible for your chosen loved ones. In this way they find all your important data in one place and they can have more to time left to spend with their loved ones.

This is how you make the burden of your loved ones lighter so so they can arrange the goodbye that you deserve.

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