About us

A message from the founders:

In recent years, each of us has experienced an untimely death of a family member. Pretty soon we were all confronted with the difficulty providing support, especially at a distance.

“We have experienced the terrible bureaucratic aftermath. We lived funerals that simply did not match our loved ones wishes. And we thought to ourselves: nobody should have to go through this.”

This is how we came up with the idea of ​​avoiding and preventing such situations, and created Life After Me. A central point for all essential documentation and information, which can be shared with a confidant, a buddy. A person to whom you can leave your last wishes with peace of mind.

This is the secure, user-friendly and comprehensive platform that we wish we had at the time. Because in difficult times, everyone needs someone to rely on and build on.

At Life After Me we welcome people of all backgrounds and beliefs. No matter how peace of mind looks for you and your loved ones, we are here to provide.

Kind regards, Wilbert, Vas & Ed

The team

We would like to introduce ourselves to you:


Wilbert Heijmans

Initiator and co-founder

With over twenty years of experience working on trade shows and conferences in Europe, the Far East and the Middle East, Wilbert has developed a warm passion:

Enabling technology that improves people's everyday experiences. That is the core of Life After Me.

He also likes to spend his free time with family and friends… And he rarely misses the opportunity to share his experience with exposure to share the cold as the real '[Wim Hof] Ice Man' that he is!


Vasileios Papadopoulos


Thanks to his relentless drive to innovate, Vasileios rose to a senior management position in the high-tech events industry at a relatively young age.

With a background in Aerospace Engineering, Vaseileios is convinced that “The Sky is The Limit” when it comes to technological progress for the common good.

When he's not pushing boundaries, you'll find Vasileios on the water; fishing! That's where he clears his head to chase the next challenging idea… As well as his big dream catch, of course.


Ed Scutt


Ed is a passionate and highly experienced software developer and certified Scrum practitioner.

In other words, he's a serial problem solver – with a proven track record building and running industry-leading digital products.

When he's not waving his magic wand, Ed is making music behind his DJ decks or trying to cook something new and exciting.


Peter-Paul Heinen

Head of Customer Success

Peter-Paul has 15 years of commercial experience and is a real relationship builder. He attaches great importance to long-term partnerships and added value for his customers. He uses that passion every day for Life After Me to help more people.

In his spare time, Peter-Paul does Urbexen and is a big fan of Formula 1 and Soccer.


Mircea Matasaru

Tech Lead

An agile and creative Software Engineer, with a diversified career in executing complex software solutions from scratch in fast-paced and spontaneous environments, with a great passion in this field.

After starting his Software Engineering career in Formula 1, Mircea brings that race-winning competitive attitude and vast knowledge to the team.

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